Mixed Tenses

Before I could see life clearly, there was only smoke, fog, a choking ash.  Before the wonder there were partitions separating “Godly” thinking from “worldly” thinking. Before my microscope, there was only Answers In Genesis, my Bible and my John MacArthur Bible Commentary.

I’m still transitioning from “before” to “after.” I would like to think that I have already made the transition, but I keep finding “befores” popping up in my thinking.  I still find myself fighting the impulse to go back to my abuser, for instance; even now, nearly two years after I ran.

Tallying and explaining the “befores” and “afters” that have taken place thus far will take ages. Identifying and categorizing the befores that still exist in my after will be daunting.

While I have improved, I am still a sentence of mixed tenses.


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