The Bible: Like a Crayon??

I was reading up on some Christian explanations for certain Biblical contradictions and how a god could have let these come about. One explanation that I’ll paraphrase goes as follows:

God gave us, mankind, this responsibility. Man is fallible, and of course we will mess things up sometimes. This doesn’t mean that GOD was wrong or inaccurate.

It’s like a parent giving a child some crayons to look after. We give the crayons in brand-new, pristine condition. Of course those crayons will be broken and jumbled up after some time.

We can’t blame God for inaccuracies in the Bible. It was given to us perfectly. Inconsistencies are just due to human fallibility.

First… This is supposedly Almighty God we’re talking about. You’re telling me that such a being- a being that supposedly works by overt miracles like creation and by divine providence like with Esther- could not keep an eye on things to make sure that the ultimate message to mankind was not rendered totally without credibility?

Second… Crayons? You’re comparing an Almighty God giving us a treasure of eternal proportions to a parent giving their kids a box of crayons? Even if you’re not saying “crayons” but are still using a similar analogy, there really ought to be no such comparison if you believe the Bible is what it is. If the Bible was what it is claimed, it should have been compared to a parent setting aside an enormous treasure as an inheritance for their child. Now, what responsible parent lets their child heir play around on the floor or tamper with this treasure in any manner that might damage it? No, a parent who cares for the future of that child will take pains to make sure that this treasure is kept in pristine condition.

Perhaps I'll give my oil pastels to my 3-year-old to look after. I'm sure she'll show great enthusiasm

Perhaps I’ll give my oil pastels to my 3-year-old to look after. I’m sure she’ll show GREAT enthusiasm!

Considering 1. the claim that the Bible was given as God’s word and 2. that there are some rather embarassing contradictions in it for such a document, what does that say? Surely a god who operates by both overt suspensions of physics and biology (miracles) and by choreographing events naturally (divine providence) could have (and should have) preserved a writing so precious.

Given this god’s ability and given the alleged value of what is in the Bible, you would think that this god would have excercised some responsibility. At least a human parent has the responsibility to keep the family heirlooms out of the reach of their very cute, but very destructive toddlers.


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