Anti-Vaxxers’ Argument Regarding Measles-Carrying Immigrants Makes a Great Case…. For Vaccinations.

I’ve heard it a lot lately: Someone who is against vaccines will so often blame immigration for the recent resurgence of Measles. These anti-vaxxers rail about other people bringing diseases into the country from abroad, and how we wouldn’t be having this problem if we’d control immigration a little better. This argument only bolsters the case for getting vaccinated.

Our country was virtually measles-free for a number of years due to the herd immunity we had achieved with vaccinations. Now measles has been reintroduced, and fingers are being pointed at immigrants– who never would have gotten the disease if they had been properly immunized where they lived.

Un-vaccinated people are bringing a disease back to a previously measles-free country so that it can spread among the un-vaccinated here. Without vaccines, such highly-contagious air-borne diseases can spread internationally. Anti-vaxxers argue beautifully for vaccines when they make the immigration argument.

And they don’t seem to see the irony.


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