Rachel, Trump is Not Your Garden-Variety Narcissist.

I’m talking about narcissists in general, and one in particular. I understand I am a nobody here, but this nobody is responding to statements that Trump is a narcissist. While I find this correct, I think it falls somewhat short.

Mr. Trump is appealing to a very different type of base than Mrs. Clinton (as we know), so what is “rational” for winning a GOP nomination is going to look different.  We may be seeing just HOW different, though, and we’re also seeing how sweeping these previously suppressed sentiments are among the GOP voters. I am one average person who thinks that what he is doing is rational for his campaign. If I’m right, that says some terrifying things about a terrifyingly large swath of the right.

What I wanted to say, though, was about narcissists. You recently had a guest on your show who said that, like most narcissists, Mr. Trump is about the flattery, the admiration, etc.  Some narcissists, however, see the dismay of their opponent as one of the best types of flattery. If Mr. Trump is the “malignant” narcissist that his colleagues have described him as, this might be what type he is, especially given how litigious we all know him to be.

Part of the praise he heaps on himself seems to be the distress of those he gains a victory over, cuts a “deal” with or otherwise forces/coerces to his will (“I’ll have to see how I’m being treated by the Republicans. If they’re not fair, that would be a factor.” In statement regarding third-party run).

You won’t find Trump at a pool looking at his reflection or basking in the glory of just his cheering voters. He doesn’t seem like this relatively happy type of narcissist (I use “happy” loosely here). I’ve seen his type of narcissist, and I’ve been happy that these individuals had neither the ambition nor the resources that Trump has or else we’d be in a world of trouble.

If he can win even a GOP nomination amidst such cries of alarm and consternation as we have seen these past weeks, if he can win with accusations of fascism and comparisons to Hitler flying around him… well… what level of  dismay would that strike in the minds of those who have been against his campaign? He wouldn’t even need to win the presidency to get this, the fear from those who oppose him. He would just need to either win the nomination or tear apart the GOP by going third party, proving just how powerful and influential he is. Humbling his rivals by his own power and ensuring that they know it was him who did it.  The greatest flattery.

Then he can stare into his pool.


By the way, my actual expertise is nil. All I have is personal experience, which I know is merely anecdotal.



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